Projeto de Pesquisa


What is this thing called law? Does it consist of a set of universal moral principles in accordance with nature? Or is it simply a collection of largely man-made, valid rules, commands, or norms? Does the law have a specific purpose, such as the protection of individual rights, the attainment of justice, or economic, political, and sexual equality? Can the law be divorced from its social context?


Project Goals

This project aims to gather relevant subject matters to help information professionals in dealing with the complexity of legal information, as well as the laws governing information organization and management within that domain.


Project Dimensions

The project is organized according to three main axes:









Each axis is, in turn, organized in themes:

I- Legal Essentials

  •  Basic foundations and topics of interest to information professionals
  •  The legal entities: contracts, promises, obligations, rights…
  •  The role of information professionals in the realm of legal information

II- Legal Knowledge Organization

  •  Legal Information Sources
  •  Legal Information Retrieval
  •  Legal Vocabularies

 III- The Social Ontology

  •  The Legal Realm as Part of Social Universe
  •  The Structure of the Legal Realm
  •  Speech Acts and Document Acts



  •  Creation of new instances of knowledge for information professionals that act in law and law-related fields
  •  Creation of new instances of knowledge for grounding research on legal information within Information Science
  •  Development of instruments for information organization and retrieval with the aim of producing research about good practices in Knowledge Organization