human fluids

The Human Fluids

BLO has considered the broader perspective of human fluids. The possibilities of diagnosis using fluids is not really a novelty in Medicine, but the ontological approach is able to promote valuable achievements, beyond those possible in separated data-sets. One on-going collaboration is being developed between BLO and SALO teams in order to reach improvements in diagnosis.

SALO - Saliva Ontology

Saliva Ontology is consensus-based controlled vocabulary of terms and relations about the salivaomics domain. The ontology will be used to facilitate salivaomics data retrieval and integration across multiple fields of research. It relies on omics research and point-of-care salivary diagnostic technologies being developed by the UCLA salivaomics Group Research, focusing on diagnosis of Sjogren’s syndrome. 

IDO - Infectious Disease Ontologies

The Infectious Disease Ontologies O is an iniciative that gathers a set of ontologies covering infectious disease domain. As the BLO, IDO has a core-ontology related to both biomedical and clinical aspects of infectious diseases generally, and specific extensions for sub-domains, for example, about brucellosis, dengue fever, infective endocarditis, influenza, malaria and others.

HTLV-related research

A research focused mainly in Von-Willebrand disease and sickle cell anemia is being carried out by Hemominas Foundation. One of the foundation research groups has concentrating efforts on research related to diagnosis and treament of Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus (HLTV).